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IP2Location Lite web viewer

1. What is does it do?
IP2Location Lite web viewer is a simple viewer for the free IP2Location Lite database making use of JS, PHP, Ajax, Json, HTML, CSS.

1.2. Features
- Supports the free IP2location Lite database (DB15 binary file) with millions of updated IP addresses.
- Supports sorting of the view with 2 different orders (up and down) and to reset it.
- Supports infinite scroll. Navigate millions of IP addresses with the right scrollbar.
- Supports a filter with 4 different subnet masks (,,,
- Supports a filter with a country code (beta).
- Supports searching for an ip address.
- Supports a sticky navigation bar.
- Asynchronous database query with JS.
- faster search with the free optimized IP2Location php library (winner of the IP2Location php library optimization contest 2016).

1.2.1 Main screen

2. Requirements
-Webserver with PHP5+

3. Installation
Download the beta. Unpack the archive and copy it to your webserver.

4. Tutorial
4.1 The source code
4.1.1 Download the source code and copy it to your webserver.
4.2 Free IP2Location lite
4.2.1 It requires the free IP2Location lite database (binary file) in the database folder in the application folder. Create an folder "database" inside the application folder and copy the free IP2Location Lite database (binary file) to it.
4.3 PHP5
4.4.1 It requires the free PHP5+ for webserver.

5. Changelog
14.08.2016 Initial release

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